Improving an Article

While reporting issues is a simple means of suggesting improvements to existing articles, if you're handy with a text editor and have some basic knowledge of how to work with Gitlab, you can propose specific improvements to an existing article in the same way you might contribute a patch to any open-source software project.

  1. Fork a copy of the cloud-rsp repository.
  2. Follow the instructions in the top-level README of the repository to get yourself set up to edit and preview changes locally.
  3. Make changes to the article you wish to improve and commit your changes to your copy of the repository.
  4. Review your changes using the local instance of the document in your web browser.
  5. Push your changes to Gitlab.
  6. Open a request to merge your changes into the official repository. Be sure to specify a title that summarizes the change and a brief description that motivates why you think the change is necessary or desirable.
  7. Be prepared to make adjustments as project maintainers review and comment on your work.
  8. Assuming your proposed changes are reasonable and any concerns are addressed in the request, your request will be merged and will become part of the living document!

Would be super helpful to have a recorded screencast of this whole process.