Reporting Issues

One of the easiest ways for you to contribute to this document is by reporting issues. If you notice an error -- whether something as simple as a misspelled word, misplaced punctuation, or perhaps a broken link, taking a few moments to report it will help improve the document by identifying minor problems that need to be addressed.

Similarly, you can report an issue to provide feedback on the document. Perhaps you read an article, and it raised questions for you that should have been addressed in the document. Or perhaps you have suggestions for other improvements or additions. Feedback is the life blood of a shared document resource such as this, and the time you take to share your constructive feedback is a significant contribution for the benefit of everyone who will use this document.

Reporting an issue is easy:

  1. Go to Issues in the Gitlab Repository.
  2. Click on New Issue.
  3. Provide a short title to summarize the issue.
  4. Provide a brief description. Be sure to reference the article or section by name and provide enough detail for someone else to understand the issue to be resolved.
  5. Feel free to attach a screenshot if you feel it would be helpful (click on Attach File to the lower-right of the Description input).
  6. Consider specifying labels for your issue.
    • Use the Error label if you're reporting an error in the text.
    • Use the Feedback label if you're providing general feedback on any part of the content of the document.
  7. When you've filled in the details, click Submit issue.

You may be contacted by someone on the team for clarification or additional details. Your issue is more likely to receive action when you respond to such requests in a timely manner.